Ghapro - What do we offer?

Medical services

If you work as a prostitute, there are several job-related risks.  You may get infected with a venereal disease or a sexually transmitted infection (STI).  Ghapro wants to make sure that these risk are reduced to an absolute minimum.
We do this in three steps:


1. Medical examination

We can carry out specific medical tests:

If the blood test shows that you are not protected against hepatitis B, we can vaccinate you.  The vaccination consists of three doses of the vaccine over a period of 4 months.

You are not obliged to have this examination.  It is free of obligations, you choose it.  Of course, we advise you to test regularly for STIs.  You don’t have to pay us.  All examinations and vaccinations against hepatitis B are free of charge.

Opening hours of the medical practice


2. Advice and information

We can give you advice on different forms of contraception (contraceptive pill, contraceptive injection, contraceptive patch, contraceptive ring, ...).  In addition, you can also ask information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs), advice on lubricants and the correct use of condoms.  Under the tab “documentation” you can find our information brochures.


3. Treatment and referral

If you have an STI, we will treat you.  If a more extensive medical examination is required, we will refer you (for example to a gynaecologist or a family doctor.)

But be careful!!  Ghapro does not replace your family doctor or gynaecologist.  We can only help you with job-related problems. For any other health complaints, you have to use regular health care services.  If you don’t have a family doctor or a gynaecologist, we will help you finding one.  We do not provide prescriptions on request!  Our doctor will always examine you first before giving you a prescription.

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