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Other organizations for sex workers in Belgium

For women and men Health care and support for sex workers in East and West Flanders – Limburg and a part of Flemish Brabant Health care and support for sex workers in Wallonia Health care for sex workers in Wallonia Representative organization for sex workers in Brussels


For men Online support – advice – chat - forum Organization for boys and men who earn money with sex work Organization for boys and men who earn money with sex work Information for and by boys in prostitution in and around Ghent

Support unwanted pregnancy

Support wanted pregnancy and children • ✆ 078 15 01 00 • ✆ 078 15 00 10

Support drug and alcohol addictions - suicide prevention • ✆ 078 15 10 20 • ✆ 02 649 95 55

Other support If you would like to talk to someone! Are you a victim of violence? Are you looking for help? Are you looking for a family doctor in your neighbourhood?

Victim human trafficking

If you are a victim of human trafficking, if you are forced to work, if you feel threatened, you can ask one of the following organizations for help.
Are you afraid to ask for help?  You can always have a confidential conversation with someone from our organization.



16B Cellebroersstraat
1000 Brussels
tel +32 (0)2 511 64 64
fax: +32 (0)2 511 58 68


Sürya asbl
2 Rue Rouveroy
4000 Liège
tel. 04/232.40.30
fax. 04/232.40.39


Payoke vzw
4 Leguit
2000 Antwerp
tel: 32 (0)3 201 16 90
fax: 32(0)3 233 23 24


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These organizations offer accommodation, legal and administrative support and psychological counselling.

More information about sexually transmitted infections and safe sex

International Information for sex workers and clients (The Netherlands) European Network for Social Exclusion and Health International committee for the rights of sex workers in Europe (IRCSE) International network of sex workers